Eldon Huff

Eldon Huff

Eldon Huff Band is a fresh take on the kind of music you wish were still being made.  A musical melting pot of blues, soul, and rock and roll, with songs that are honest and inspired.  Eldon Huff began making music at age 8 in Harlan, KY, playing drums and singing in local pentacoastal churches and bar rooms before becoming the guitar slinging blues man that he is today.  His journey led him to Nashville in 2003, where he soon scored a recording contract with Sony Music.  After a failed attempt as a “country artist”, he became one of the premier session guitarist and songwriters on Music Row.  He soon followed his vision and began writing songs that would become the pre-cursor to the Eldon Huff Band.


[wpaudio url=”http://www.wbairforce.com/wcyo/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/05-Track-5.mp3″ text=”Eldon Huff – Just A Drink” dl=”0″]


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